House of Firebreather

Ancestor: King Michelle

Head of House: Queen Mother Toadi

Tower: Michelle Tower

Mascot: Purple Dragon

Class: Academics (Language Arts and Social Studies) 

A Firebreather is expected to ‘execute or be executed”. There are high expectations for Firebreathers since it was none other than their founder, King Michelle, that built the magnificent Emily Castle. Intelligent, diligent, shrewd, and charming, most go far in life after their time at the academy. Many of your favorites actors, politicians, and CEOs graced the Halls of the Dragons. 

Firebreather Strengths: intelligent, intellectual, shrewd, cunning, hardworking, makes a good first impression 

Firebreather Weaknesses: can be manipulative, prone to self-absorbtion 


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House of Ironsnout

Ancestor: Queen Eve

Head of House: Queen Mother Stiorri

Tower: Eve Tower

Mascot: winged pig

Class: Non-Common Sense 

Ironsnouts love to ponder. The meaning of life, the inner workings of the mind, the vastness of the universe— the Ironsnout enjoys seeking the answers to big questions. Journaling is a popular past time in this house as it is a soothing way to gather all the thoughts zooming through the Ironsnouts mind. Though it can be difficult to get them out of their shell (or room), they make wonderful friends to the few that understand them. 

Ironsnout Strengths: intellectual, smart, understanding, good-hearted

Ironsnout: prone to anxiety and isolation, can come across distant 


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House of Bravetail

Ancestor: Queen Flori 

Head of House: Queen Mother Hertha

Tower: Flori Tower

Mascot: winged beaver

Class: Horticulture 

Bravetails are naturally… NATURAL. They love anything and everything nature. It is quite necessary for a Bravetail to spend more time outside than inside, they enjoy anything and everything that comes from the earth, and are fascinated by the wonders living and growing in the world around them. 

Founder of Bravetail, Queen Flori, created the breathtaking and miraculous Hanging Gardens of Flori which Emily Academy students have the privilege of tending in Horticulture. 

Bravetail Strengths: down to earth, what you see is what you get, hardworking, good work ethic, ability to appreciate natural beauty 

Bravetail Weaknesses: can find it difficult to understand Fairfangs.


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House of Champion 

Ancestor: King George

Head of House: Queen Mother Berthilda

Tower: George Tower

Mascot: winged hound

Classes: Hoplology 

Champions are naturally competitive and always on the hunt in life. They are honest (sometimes brutally), loyal, and hard-working when it comes to a cause they believe in. A strong inner drive propels them to great heights but, adversely, they can be bullheaded and stubborn.

Founder of the Champions, King George, isn’t known for his friendly disposition but has earned the respect of every generation after him for leading the charge to fight for what is right. He is responsible for George Tower, the weaponry of Emily, and the orchestration of Emily’s athletics. 

Champion Strengths: leaders, truthful, loyal, competitive, driven, do not settle

Champion Weaknesses: Stubborn, can be rude, prone to pessimism 


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House of Fleetwing

Ancestor: King Justice 

Head of House: Queen Mother Erline

Tower: Justice Tower

Mascot: Sparrow

Classes: Hospitality and Subjects (as in a Queen’s subjects) 

Those of the House of Fleetwing are great friends to have. They are usually friendly, hospitable, great cooks (or at least enjoy it), and find pleasure in making a house a home. Whether they like people or not, Fleetwings are good with them and can sometimes find it difficult to get time to themselves.

We can thank King Justice, the founder of Fleetwing, for the renowned ferry of Emily, the many glorious levels of Justice Tower, and the cozy at-home feel of Fleetwing Hall. 

Fleetwing strengths: smart, kind, compassionate, a good friend, works well with others, not afraid to try new things

Fleetwing weaknesses: Can find it hard to say no, prone to isolate 


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House of Fairfang

Ancestor: Queen Sara Lisa 

Head of House: Queen Mother Carrington

Tower: Sara Lisa Tower

Mascot: Winged Panther

Class: Disposition 

Lovers of celebration, Fairfangs are always up for a party and the more dazzle and glamour the better. They are known for being fun and adventurous and love to bring others along for the ride. It’s founder, Queen Sara Lisa, was a natural charismatic winning many hearts for good. It was she who created the magnificent Resplendent and her beauty and quirkiness is expressed magically in Fairfang Hall and Sara Lisa Tower. If Emily were a crown, Fairfangs would be the jewels. 

Fairfang strengths: Strong leadership, charismatic, swagger, good speakers, an eye for symmetry 

Fairfang weaknesses: Prone to vanity, can fall out of touch with reality


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Queen Lenore – The Ear Tickler

Continuing on in this series explaining how the characters, places, and everything of BRUMBLETIDE AND THE DAUGHTER OF EVE came to be, today is Lenore.

Lenore, Head of Castle, is beautiful, powerful, and a master of words. By her schmooze, the people of Little Ipswich pour into Castle Emily with not only their hearts but their wallets. To them, Lenore is their savior, giving them opportunity in life. Anyone, young or old, rich or poor, can come to Emily, leave their life of hardship for a time, and be ROYAL. How could anyone not support a selfless leader like this who cares only for the people?

Lenore loves that the people view her this way and does everything in her power to make sure they continue. Why? Because as long as they think that she is for them, they will not looker deeper and find that she is only for her. Lenore tells everyone they are royal, allows them into her palace for no cost, and look at that, the money rolls in! Lenore doesn’t mind a bit telling everyone what they want to hear because she knows that she is the only real Queen of Emily and everyone else, unbeknownst to them, is only her servants. Tickle their ears and they will bow without question.

The idea for Lenore came from lying, schmoozing politicians, pastors, and cult leaders. I tried to paint her and someone really difficult not to love on the surface which is why Maggie idolizes her in the beginning. There is also several layers to Lenore as even she isn’t fully aware of all of the evils of Emily.

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The “Royals” of Emily

A man dressed in a white gown with a gleaming crown upon his head is working the tollbooth. A nameplate reads, King Cornelius Kipp: Booth Attendant. I recognize his kingly garments as the ones worn by Batch-goers and kids attending Emily Academy. I’ve seen Atticus Peabody dressed like this when he arrives home from Winter Break.  

“Look around you, my dear. We are all royalty here in Emily. You are indeed a princess on the grounds.” -Queen Lenore, BRUMBLETIDE AND THE DAUGHTER OF EVE

Today I am disclosing how the idea of the general public getting to be treated as royalty in Emily blossomed in my mind. If you read Emily = Your Weird Local Church, you know that the idea for Emily Castle itself came from churches in small towns that lure the people in with miracles and prosperity. These prophecies, healings, and magic seem to be most bountiful for those who already have wealth that they are willing to share with the establishment. In the same way, these “elites” that seem to always acquire even more wealth translated in my mind to the top tier highly decorated”royals” of Emily. Again everyone is welcome, but not everyone is equal.

And unfortunately, just like in real life when the middle and low class masses are swindled into purchases they can’t afford, the same happens in Emily when it comes to “fulfilling their royal destiny” as we see Maggie’s mother and even the good-hearted Cal Rumple falling victim to.

I realize that so far, the story is pretty negative. But it’s not over! We have many more ideas to discuss and one of them is the true Kingdom that is hidden beneath the abomination.

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Emily = Your Weird Local Church

In the almost two months that BRUMBLETIDE AND THE DAUGHTER OF EVE has been published, I have received one particular question from almost every reader who has given me feedback. It’s something along the lines of “Where did you get these ideas?”

In response, I’ve decided to write a series of blog posts explaining exactly that starting with the magnificent Emily Castle.

Emily (which in my mind’s eye looks much like the famous Neuschwanstein Castle) floats miraculously on the Lux Sea three miles outside of Little Ipswich. Here, the general public can come any time an event called Batch is held and get the royal treatment… literally. No matter if you are rich, poor, somebody or nobody, you get your own throne, a feast fit for a king, and servants at your beck and call that actually refer to you as “Your Majesty” and things of the such.

If you would like, you can purchase royal garments to actually look the part. “Fulfill your royal destiny” so to speak. And of course, anyone who’s anyone wears the palace garments when they attend Emily. You can even raise your children up royally in the castle’s prestigious Emily Academy where young “princes” and “princesses” learn the way of the elite.

Once inside you will be wowed by magical happenings. Angelic creatures called Snickerlings sing songs that sound different to everyone as they are playing in tune to what you want to hear. Torchless flames light your path, candles speak, and lit fireplaces are actually tunnels used to get from here to there (don’t worry, you won’t feel a thing). If you are lucky, maybe your visit will be during the time of the Whisper’s Fortune. These beings that switch from animal to human and back again will tell what’s in store for Little Ipswich and the Castle. Are they good are evil? Who can tell?

And is that a dragon?

The magic and mystery is seemingly endless in Emily. So what made me think of it. While much of it just came from my fingertips when writing, the idea for Emily was spawned by your weird local church.

Most of us have one in our our otherwise completely normal city or town. There’s our neighborhood, the grocery store, where we get our hair cut, all of these completely normal things, but then there’s these churches I speaking of. You know, the ones where there is supposedly all these miraculous things going on. Not just sometimes, but apparently every week! Healings, visions, prophecies— weird stuff. Not only that, but anyone in town, rich or poor, somebody or nobody, can attend and be told how special they are and how to live their best life. Sure, no charge to visit, but if you want to really belong, it will cost you.

I got this mental picture of the woman who turned out to be Lenore in the story saying to someone “Don’t you see, we are all royals here.” and that’s pretty where it all started.

What did you think of Emily? Would you like to visit?

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Brumbletide and the Daughter of Eve has FINALLY released!

Royals, royals everywhere!

Little Ipswich is an otherwise average, small-town except for one thing. Set afloat in the Lux Sea that borders it is Emily, an enormous stone castle where magical and miraculous things are said to go on.
After being scared out of her wits by a doomsday prophecy involving the castle and a strange place called Brumbletide, twelve-year-old Maggie Prewitt begs her mother to take her to Emily to find out what it’s all about. Inside, Maggie finds a talking candle, magical creatures, and flying children called Snickerlings. And if that wasn’t enough, the general public is treated as royalty getting to sit on luxurious thrones and dress in fabulous gowns and sparkling crowns.
Emily also has its own academy where young people are “groomed into their royal destiny,” which, like it or not, Maggie gets the chance of a lifetime to attend. At the academy, she undergoes a drastic transformation, learns lots of new things in classes such as Disposition and Non-Common Sense, and even finds out that she is a descendant of one of seven highly esteemed ancestors chosen by the Great White Stag, Pippin.
But it isn’t long before Maggie realizes all that glitters is not gold at Emily, and that things unseen may not only be secret, but sinister.

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