Here you will find each book of the Brumbletide series. There will be seven in all so keep checking for new releases!

Brumbletide and the Daughter of Eve

Royals, royals everywhere! Little Ipswich is an otherwise average, small town except for one thing. Set afloat in the Lux Sea that borders it is Emily, an enormous stone castle where magical and miraculous things are said to go on. After being scared out of her wits by a doomsday prophecy involving the castle and a strange place called Brumbletide, twelve-year-old Maggie Prewitt begs her mother to take her to Emily to find out what it’s all about. Inside, Maggie finds a talking candle, magical creatures, and flying children called Snickerlings. And if that wasn’t enough, the general public is treated as royalty getting to sit on luxurious thrones and dress in fabulous gowns and sparkling crowns. Emily also has its own academy where young people are “groomed into their royal destiny,” which, like it or not, Maggie gets the chance of a lifetime to attend. At the academy, she undergoes a drastic transformation, learns lots of new things in classes such as Disposition and Non-Common Sense, and even finds out that she is a descendant of one of seven highly esteemed ancestors chosen by the Great White Stag, Pippin. But it isn’t long before Maggie realizes all that glitters is not gold at Emily, and that things unseen may not only be secret, but sinister.

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Brumbletide and the Changing of the Crowns

Who goes there?
Are you sure you want to proceed?
Be warned, these pages live.
Some, they will hurt. Some, they will heal.
All, they will mark.

Welcome, Your Majesty, to the ever-prestigious Changing of the Crowns ceremony where the new Head of Emily Castle will be revealed. What will the people of Little Ipswich think when they see that it is none other than thirteen-year-old Maggie Prewitt? And if that wasn’t surprise enough, six royals thought to be long dead are at her side!
In this second novel of the Brumbletide series, you will follow Maggie’s exciting and perilous journey to the Changing of the Crowns, get to know more about the mysterious Seven and the great White Stag, meet new arrivals to Emily, and find out old secrets long hidden.

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Brumbletide and the Triad Champion

It’s happened. What Maggie feared has come true. Princess Magdalene Prewitt of Firebreather is now Head of Emily Castle and has been made so by King Pippin, no less. Now there is certainly no turning back! Thankfully, Maggie’s best friends, Calysta and Atticus, will be by her side, and she also has the aid of King Mortimer McShanihan and the Boggletrice Company. But even with the help of her most trusted royals and Horsemen, she is still completely sick at the thought of ruling such a prestigious establishment at the young age of thirteen.

To Maggie, life couldn’t possibly be any more stressful…that is, until she’s told about the Em Games.

Of course, she would become Head of Castle just in time for some kind of Olympics that only Emily royals seem to know of. And, of course, the Head of Castle is to lead every event—and leading means doing the most outrageous and dangerous sports Maggie has ever seen! And, of course, Maggie is the clumsiest and most unathletic person in the academy.


And through it all, the wicked King Michelle still lingers throughout the castle. But since he’s dead, he’s found in the most unsuspected places.

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Princess Maggie Prewitt has finally exercised her rights as Emily’s Head of Castle during the perilous Em Games Triad—and now she’s stuck in bed recovering from a severe head injury. Thankfully, the Queen’s Doctor is in the house. A jolly king with a twinkle in his eye will be caring for Maggie during her stay in the castle’s hospital. And as luck would have it—or possibly Pippin—King Jacksie has quite a story to tell. Listen in as many secrets come to light—Secrets of Pippin’s chosen Seven, the miraculous construction of Brumbletide Kingdom, and the sinister deception that led to the Emily Castle we know today.

What does it all mean for Maggie? Everything.

Maggie and the Queen’s Doctor are resurrecting many things in the castle’s Hospital Wing. The dark night is dying though many will keep it alive at any cost. Will a new day dawn? Those of you up early, come and see!

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Thank you so much for reading! -J. Reese Bradley