In Brumbletide and the Daughter of Eve, we are introduced to a miraculous castle called Emily where the general public comes to be treated as royalty, seemingly free of charge. Young or old, rich or poor can come to Castle Emily and sit on their very own throne, enjoy a royal feast with their family, and even be referred to as “Your Majesty” and given a royal prefix before their name.

While receiving the royal treatment, guests are wowed by magical and miraculous happenings of the castle. Flying creatures, talking candles, children that sing only what you like to hear, and fire that doesn’t burn at the touch are only a few of the wonders of Emily.

Of course, in the end, we find out that all of the magic of Emily is fueled by the heinous murders of innocent Snickerlings. The magnificent creatures are killed, their wings removed and nailed to the catacombs. This is how Emily Castle is kept miraculously afloat in the sea, and it is only by the sacrifice of the innocent that it is able to have any magic at all.

But there is more to the story and thankfully hope to be found. There is a true Kingdom hidden beneath this abomination, and the King that Castle Emily claims to hail is there.

My hope today is that wherever you are in life, whatever establishment you choose to be a part of, examine it thoroughly. And examine it all the further if you are treated like a king.

If you find evil, be strong and courageous and expose the Emily.

And, young one, be strong and courageous and bring forth the Brumbletide.

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