As promised, here is the first of a new Brumble blog series. The results from the polls on my social media showed that a bunch of you would like to know more about the ancestors of Brumbletide. Let’s start with Maggie’s great grandmother (very many times over), Eve!

Queen Evelyn (Eve) resides in Brumbletide with five other ancestors chosen by Pippin to rule the kingdom. Of course, King Michelle was one of those chosen making for seven royals, but he chose to betray them all and create his own kingdom, Emily Castle, where he has been deceiving the people of Little Ipswich for seven hundred years. Michelle also stole his fellow ancestor’s stones that keep them immortal when they are outside of Brumbletide trapping them in the empty paradise until their stones are returned.

Queen Eve is the queen of Wisdom and the Ironsnout House of Emily. Her stone, stolen from her crown, is a blue lapiz lazuli which Maggie reaped the benefits of its power for a short time in Daughter of Eve.

Queen Eve has a kind and meek disposition and pours out love to those in her presence. This was just what the doctor ordered for young Maggie Prewitt who was desperate for maternal love. Maggie adores her relative and cherishes any and all time spent with her.

Queen Eve’s warmouth (magical flying creature) is Magnus the winged pig. We can see that Magnus has been thoroughly loved and pampered by his mistress because of his sunny and spunky personality. But don’t be fooled by this tiny, fun-loving pig. Magnus will protect both Eve and Maggie even if it means death.

Eve has yet to teach any of the students belonging to the Ironsnout House because they are currently still deceived by Michelle. But since the wicked king made Emily Castle almost an exact replica of Pippin’s kingdom (though without the true and good power of Brumbletide), students who display intellectualness, a desire for wisdom and understanding, and a good heart are placed in the house of Ironsnout. The class, Non-Common Sense, taught in Eve Tower in Emily Academy builds upon these strengths. Whereas the other six towers are extremely visually miraculous, Eve Tower appears plain and non-magical…until class begins, that is.

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