Ask and you shall receive! Today, we meet King Michelle of Firebreather.

King Michelle, one of seven ordinary men and women chosen by the great White Stag, Pippin, to leave behind their ordinary way of life and rule a new land with him. That land was Brumbletide, planned and prepared before the beginning of time by Pippin for the people of Little Ipswich and beyond.

Queen Eve, King Justice, Queen Flori, Queen Sara Lisa, King Geoge, and the twins Queen Soleil and King Michelle were all given free rein to design their towers however they wanted them and even contribute their own creations to the kingdom. They all worked extremely hard until the castle and its surroundings were perfect. It was a kingdom like none other, and their work was deemed good by Pippin.

But when the day of inauguration came, one ancestor did not show. The day that this special kingdom was to be revealed and opened to the world, it was empty and would remain so for seven hundred years. It so happened that one of the chosen, Michelle, thought it better that he take the ideas of this miraculous kingdom and build one almost exactly like it, where he would rule it alone.

He would rule this kingdom alone but by no means would he build it alone. He lied to the spouses and children of his fellow royals and also to a third of Pippin’s magical Snickerlings. Deceived by Michelle, they turned their backs on Brumbletide and willingly became slaves to Michelle. This new kingdom, Michelle named Emily, meaning “rival”, has been deceiving the people of Little Ipswich ever since, keeping them away from Brumbletide with the best kind of lie—the kind that is so close to the truth that no one could possibly fathom that it is built on death.

And death is, in fact, the building blocks of Emily. King Michelle was able to create an exact replica of Brumbletide Castle but Pippin is the only one that can work the kind of miracles that happen in Brumbletide. Not willing to accept this truth, Michelle resorted to slaughtering many Snickerlings for their magical wings, nailing them to the walls of the Catacombs. Every year, an innocent Snickerling is killed to keep the magic and miracles the people of Ipswich adore so much alive in the palace.

Meanwhile, the true and good kingdom is hidden beneath it all, neglected and forgotten by those who say they love it.

Michelle is head of Emily’s Firebreather House. Only Firebreathers have been Heads of Castle for seven hundred. That is, until Maggie Prewitt stumbles into the castle up-ending everything. When he was helping the other ancestors build Brumbletide, he designed the magnificent library that is Michelle Tower. Its replica is in the Michelle Tower of Emily Castle and is where the subjects of English and History are taught by Queen Mother Toadi. Of course, the books in the library were all carefully placed by Michelle who only allows certain authors to be read, himself being one, and the English and Historical philosophies taught have a distinct Michellian twist (only noticed by those who know otherwise.)

It was Michelle who stole all the stones from his fellow ancestors. While most of them are hidden in the castle, his black onyx and his sister’s white stay on two points of his crown. This is how he keeps himself immortal and the ancestors trapped in Brumbletide. I’ve already given many spoilers here, I won’t give any more.

Michelle’s warmouth is a purple dragon.

Students chosen for Firebreather often have a flare for the arts and/or an interest in Emily’s version of history. They are intelligent and shrewd, and often charming. Unlike other houses, Firebreathers must learn Pippin’s Puzzle.

“Firebreathers always execute…or are executed.” -Queen Mother Toadi

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