And we continue on! Meet Queen Sara Lisa of Fairfang House.

Don’t let the picture fool you, this one-eyed beauty happens to be the queen of Beauty and Celebration. Of all the Brumbletide bunch, Queen Sara Lisa has the most swagger and charisma. If there is a ball, a gala, a tea party to be had, you can be sure Sara Lisa is behind it, and that it will not only be the time of your life but the most unique of all times you’ve ever had. With the wondrous Sara Lisa Tower and the awe-inspiring Resplendent being the works of her hands, it is evident this queen knows how to dazzle a group of royals.

Queen Sara Lisa’s stone stolen from her grand coronet is a vibrant ruby, and her warmouth is the white panther, Hildi, who we see has just as much swagger as she does in Changing of the Crowns. Both the queen and the cat ooze confidence and magnetism.

Why the eye patch? Ugh, spoilers. I try not to give too many away but here are TWO. In chapter twelve of Changing of the Crowns, we learn that the Six fought Michelle in battle not long after he built Emily, and Sara Lisa’s eye was gouged out. Centuries later, her descendant, Gus the friendly bartender, suffered the same fate at the hands of Emily officials. There is a reason that she still has the missing eye and Queen Flori still has a three-fingered hand but I will not be spoiling that today. These will be answered in later books.

Queen Sara Lisa is head of Fairfang House. Emily Academy students chosen for Fairfang show strong promise of leadership, a charming and charismatic disposition, and a compassionate heart. They also need an eye for non-traditional beauty in life. Many times it is difficult to decide if a student belongs in Fairfang or Fleetwing as they share many of the same characteristics.

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