Meet the queen with the green thumb, Queen Flori of Bravetail!

Last but certainly not least, we have Queen Flori, Head of Bravetail House, and creator of the magnificent Hanging Gardens of FLori.

When one beholds the magical Hanging Gardes in Flori Tower, they would never guess that the hands that made them belong to such a humble queen. Of the seven ancestors, Flori is the most humble and down-to-earth. In fact, if she has ever seen her reflection in a mirror at all it was only on accident because she couldn’t care less about her outer appearance. A little rough around the edges, she can be blunt, but you can rest assured that what you see is what you get with this earthy queen.

Flori spends the majority of her time bringing life into the world. The queen of Nature, she stays busy planting and growing and birthing and nurturing. Flori Tower, where Emily Academy students tend the Hanging Gardens with Queen Mother Hertha, is a wondrous mystery filled with breathtaking yet unheard of and never-before-seen plants, wildlife, and more.

On her hand not pictured is only three fingers. Like Sara Lisa’s eye, this was the work of Michelle. We will not find out what exactly happened and why today but it will be learned later in the series. Any guesses?

The stone stolen from her crown is a brilliant green emerald, and her warmouth is a jolly winged beaver. Her house in Emily Acdemy is Bravetail. Students chosen for Bravetail have a passion for life, nature, and usually enjoy being outdoors. Bravetails are life-giving and nurturing at heart and never a bad addition to a group. The world would be a better place is everyone was a Bravetail.

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