And then there were four! Let’s meet the charming King Justice of Fleetwing House.

If you are curious as to why this king is in his pajamas, it is because his heart is set to bring the royals of Emily into the knowledge of Pippin and Brumbletide through his tireless work in hospitality and service. In Brumbletide, Justice takes it upon himself to make sure the Castle and its surroundings are inviting and captivating as well as magical. Justice knows the power of care and service and ensures that Brumbletide draws royals in through every one of the five senses. Of course, since the ancestors are alone in Brumbletide for now, Little Ipswich and Emily are unknowingly benefitting from all his hard work. The people of the Downtown Ipswich are entranced by the unique and delightful aroma of the ferry’s chimney smoke (the ferry is one of Justice’s first creations). Even at just the sight of the Castle’s ferry alone, one is filled with wonder. What’s inside the strange floating cottage? Inside, one tastes the magic of Brumbletide through perfect hot chocolate, bubblegin, gingerwheels, and the biscuit with a message, lucky nests; that’s just to name a few of Justice’s kitchen masterpieces served. What about touch? Everything from the fluffy linens of the ferry’s nooks, to the squashy armchairs of the towers, and the luxurious canopies of the dormitories are the work of the king of Hospitality and Service.

King Justice was the first ancestor chosen by Pippin to rule Brumbletide with him. The stone missing from his coronet is a glorious jasper, and his warmouth is a sparrow. Justice is king of the Fleetwing House of Emily Academy until Brumbletide is made known and he can rule them rightly. A student chosen for Fleetwing shows a compassionate nature and a servant’s heart. One could say without the Fleetwings, Brumbletide will never be made known.

Two large works of Justice’s are found in Brumbletide. Justice Tower where the classes of Hospitality and Subjects (not like school subjects, but like a king’s subjects) are taught. Justice Tower has many magical levels, all venues for perfecting the art of caring for your neighbor. The ferry is Justice’s other large work. The idea was inspired by Pippin when he told Justice that the journey to the kingdom should be unforgettable. Justice did not disappoint. The ferry is a miraculous boat that looks like a floating quaint cottage covered in snow with frosty portholes all around. The smoke from the chimney is scented like baking pastries. Inside are several cozy nooks where passengers nestle in around the magic fireplace and enjoy refreshments prepared just for them.

Hopefully, one day the people of Little Ipswich will experience the true and good ferry and Justice Tower of Brumbletide instead of the off-brands of Emily Castle. Until then, Justice is continuing on in his labor of love.

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