Come one, come all, to the third installment of our Brumbletide Ancestors series! Please give a warm welcome to Queen Soleil of Whitescale.

Queen Soleil is the spunky and vivacious queen of Science and Mathematics. She also happens to be the twin sister of the most evil man to have ever lived, King Michelle of Firebreather. Though we have much yet to learn about the history of these two which we will not go into in this blog post, the only characteristics Soleil shares with her brother are her spikey white hair and genius-level intelligence. The twins are equally bright and imaginative, but the difference between their hearts has meant the difference between literal life and death.

Queen Soleil has an exuberant disposition and loves each of her fellow royals in Brumbletide. Even so, she spends much of her time alone perfecting experiments and equations to one day bring to the people of Little Ipswich. But the royals of Emily Academy will have to settle for the off-brand projects done with Queen Mother Felberta (Queen Mother of Academics) until Soleil’s white onyx, stolen by her brother, is returned to her.

Soleil is head of House Whitescale and desperately desires to be their Queen Mother. Whitescales of Emily Academy know of their ancestor, Queen Soleil, but almost no one knows she is alive to this day. A royal student belonging to Whitescale shows promise in Science and Mathematics as well as good work ethic and working well in a team.

The Whitescale mascot is a great white dragon supposedly modeled after Soleil’s warmouth. But the massive severe dragon hanging in Emily’s Soleil Tower doesn’t at all resemble the small, lumpy friend of Fergus that lopes around Brumbletide. This jovial serpent’s name will be revealed in the seventh book—maybe before. Make sure to stay tuned!

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