A man dressed in a white gown with a gleaming crown upon his head is working the tollbooth. A nameplate reads, King Cornelius Kipp: Booth Attendant. I recognize his kingly garments as the ones worn by Batch-goers and kids attending Emily Academy. I’ve seen Atticus Peabody dressed like this when he arrives home from Winter Break.  

“Look around you, my dear. We are all royalty here in Emily. You are indeed a princess on the grounds.” -Queen Lenore, BRUMBLETIDE AND THE DAUGHTER OF EVE

Today I am disclosing how the idea of the general public getting to be treated as royalty in Emily blossomed in my mind. If you read Emily = Your Weird Local Church, you know that the idea for Emily Castle itself came from churches in small towns that lure the people in with miracles and prosperity. These prophecies, healings, and magic seem to be most bountiful for those who already have wealth that they are willing to share with the establishment. In the same way, these “elites” that seem to always acquire even more wealth translated in my mind to the top tier highly decorated”royals” of Emily. Again everyone is welcome, but not everyone is equal.

And unfortunately, just like in real life when the middle and low class masses are swindled into purchases they can’t afford, the same happens in Emily when it comes to “fulfilling their royal destiny” as we see Maggie’s mother and even the good-hearted Cal Rumple falling victim to.

I realize that so far, the story is pretty negative. But it’s not over! We have many more ideas to discuss and one of them is the true Kingdom that is hidden beneath the abomination.

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