In the almost two months that BRUMBLETIDE AND THE DAUGHTER OF EVE has been published, I have received one particular question from almost every reader who has given me feedback. It’s something along the lines of “Where did you get these ideas?”

In response, I’ve decided to write a series of blog posts explaining exactly that starting with the magnificent Emily Castle.

Emily (which in my mind’s eye looks much like the famous Neuschwanstein Castle) floats miraculously on the Lux Sea three miles outside of Little Ipswich. Here, the general public can come any time an event called Batch is held and get the royal treatment… literally. No matter if you are rich, poor, somebody or nobody, you get your own throne, a feast fit for a king, and servants at your beck and call that actually refer to you as “Your Majesty” and things of the such.

If you would like, you can purchase royal garments to actually look the part. “Fulfill your royal destiny” so to speak. And of course, anyone who’s anyone wears the palace garments when they attend Emily. You can even raise your children up royally in the castle’s prestigious Emily Academy where young “princes” and “princesses” learn the way of the elite.

Once inside you will be wowed by magical happenings. Angelic creatures called Snickerlings sing songs that sound different to everyone as they are playing in tune to what you want to hear. Torchless flames light your path, candles speak, and lit fireplaces are actually tunnels used to get from here to there (don’t worry, you won’t feel a thing). If you are lucky, maybe your visit will be during the time of the Whisper’s Fortune. These beings that switch from animal to human and back again will tell what’s in store for Little Ipswich and the Castle. Are they good are evil? Who can tell?

And is that a dragon?

The magic and mystery is seemingly endless in Emily. So what made me think of it. While much of it just came from my fingertips when writing, the idea for Emily was spawned by your weird local church.

Most of us have one in our our otherwise completely normal city or town. There’s our neighborhood, the grocery store, where we get our hair cut, all of these completely normal things, but then there’s these churches I speaking of. You know, the ones where there is supposedly all these miraculous things going on. Not just sometimes, but apparently every week! Healings, visions, prophecies— weird stuff. Not only that, but anyone in town, rich or poor, somebody or nobody, can attend and be told how special they are and how to live their best life. Sure, no charge to visit, but if you want to really belong, it will cost you.

I got this mental picture of the woman who turned out to be Lenore in the story saying to someone “Don’t you see, we are all royals here.” and that’s pretty where it all started.

What did you think of Emily? Would you like to visit?

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