Continuing on in this series explaining how the characters, places, and everything of BRUMBLETIDE AND THE DAUGHTER OF EVE came to be, today is Lenore.

Lenore, Head of Castle, is beautiful, powerful, and a master of words. By her schmooze, the people of Little Ipswich pour into Castle Emily with not only their hearts but their wallets. To them, Lenore is their savior, giving them opportunity in life. Anyone, young or old, rich or poor, can come to Emily, leave their life of hardship for a time, and be ROYAL. How could anyone not support a selfless leader like this who cares only for the people?

Lenore loves that the people view her this way and does everything in her power to make sure they continue. Why? Because as long as they think that she is for them, they will not looker deeper and find that she is only for her. Lenore tells everyone they are royal, allows them into her palace for no cost, and look at that, the money rolls in! Lenore doesn’t mind a bit telling everyone what they want to hear because she knows that she is the only real Queen of Emily and everyone else, unbeknownst to them, is only her servants. Tickle their ears and they will bow without question.

The idea for Lenore came from lying, schmoozing politicians, pastors, and cult leaders. I tried to paint her and someone really difficult not to love on the surface which is why Maggie idolizes her in the beginning. There is also several layers to Lenore as even she isn’t fully aware of all of the evils of Emily.

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