I have debated in my mind whether or not to start a new blog altogether for my Christian posts. You can probably gather by this one that I decided against it. While I am an author of middle-grade novels, I am a Christian. This being the case, everything I do, novel writing included, is Christian.

I know that the gospel with save the world. You can find out how in this post.

But once again, the church has gone astray. Today, I want remind you of the world’s most important book that is neglected by those who know of it, and hidden from those who don’t.

The Bible.

Have you read it? Have really read it? If you call yourself a Christian, I am telling you today, this is your sign to read it. This is your sign to put down whatever you are looking at, whatever you are watching or reading, and read your Bible. Read the actual Bible. Not books that have verses from it or talk about it—but the actual 66 books inspired by God.

He wouldn’t have left it if He didn’t want us to read it. You have to read it.

The reason Christians are going in so many radically different directions today, is that we have forgotten our Bible. We have exchanged the words of God for the words of men, once again worshipping ourselves.

Today, friend, return to God. Drop the “truths” of this world that are causing destruction everywhere we look, and return to God. Open the Bible, pray for understanding, and don’t stop reading until you’ve got it. Keep coming back day after day. This is abiding in the Lord.

Busy? Make time. FIGHT for your faith!

You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:13